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Dressing Guide for Any Occasion

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Have you at any point appeared at an occasion and knew that you aren’t properly dressed for that occasion? No matter the event is, a party, a job interview, or any event at all, you will be assessed based on what you wear. It’s just a fact. If you dress not according to the occasion, chances are that you will feel out of place. And your companions could get embarrassed. Finding the right clothes can be time-consuming and difficult. If the event you’re attending to is a wedding, then Barrie bridal shop has got you covered. Formally.

Some people don’t find dressing up properly for a specific occasion essential. But everyone should. It doesn’t look right if someone is wearing short shorts on a wedding day or open sandals during a job interview. Similarly, wearing a suit and tie at the beach is downright absurd. Some occasions can be pretty apparent like the beach, football games, the law court, etc. At the beach, you’ll see a lot of skin. At football games, you’ll see sneakers and rubber shoes. And at a law court, you’ll see little to no skin exposed.

When you get invited for an event or receive an invitation and it says “casual” or “semi-formal”, the tendency is that you’ll have a doubt on what to wear. So, we have rounded up a guide to help you better understand every type of style for every event.

  • Casual

Casual wear is a “dressed down” type of style. You can wear a t-shirt and polos, and shorts or khakis. But you still have to know where the event will take place.

  • Casual Friday

This type is associated more with the work and office environment. You can dress casually but minus the shorts and t-shirts or sandals. You might run into people from the higher office looking like you’re supposed to be somewhere else.

  • Casual Resort

No, this isn’t the beach attire you wear for swimming. Casual resort is just a comfortable pair of sandals, shorts, skirt or slacks, and a lovely top or blouse that matches the bottoms style-wise.

  • Formal Business

This type is set apart from the formal style because women wear business suits the business style way. The setting is more work and office as well, like conducting a meeting, meeting a big client, etc.

  • Semi-Formal

For women, this style can mean cocktail dresses for a cocktail party, yes, as well as dance, charities, and other events that require you to dress in semi-formal. For men, they can wear a suit and tie but they can also tone it down by losing the tie.

  • Formal

Formal events can be everything from a wedding, prom, anniversary, date night, charity, for good causes, and every other “big” event. Think of the Oscars type of thing. Men should wear tux and dress shoes while women have to wear gowns. Men also need to consider if it’s a white tie or black tie. Long gowns are the standard for women, but shorter gowns are now made available and still formal for wear.

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